The False concept of being Lost..... (Life After Awakening)

After the initial spiritual awakening, we go through many different states that create feelings of Highs and Lows. Being Lost and Found.

As we ride High - we feel guided and powerful.  We trust ourselves and give the world our perspective. We carry that spark, the energy that resonates throughout the Universe. We are Masters. We "know" it all. 

Then comes Low. And we feel empty. We loose the feeling of being guided.  Now we are in the state of doubt.  We feel we are no longer have that what "makes" us so powerful or "special". We seek new gurus and new meanings. We see ourselves as something different as us when were at the top. 

In reality both of US are the same. The only difference is when things aren’t the way we want them to be, we “loose” our elevated state of being and look for the same answers somewhere else trying to find a validation, no longer trusting ourselves. And once we are full of what we feel we need to fuel us - we ride high again. And on and on and on. We are addicts. We are spiritual junkies. 

Until one day we face the fact that we are riding the rollercoaster. and it's just as emotional as the one we left behind prior to our "awakening". We come to a realization that what we feel as highs and lows are just temporary states necessary for our continuing spiritual growth.  And the whole idea of duality looses its power. And all the dramas associated with it. We find the state of Being. The state of Trusting. And now we are ready for what comes next. 

PS. The meaning of all of this - know that High will eventually turn into something else.  But what it will be completely depends on the state of your Being.

Relax. Breathe. SpiriChill.  And know that everything comes into your life when and the way it supposed to. 

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